Some Advanced Winter Driving Tips

When driving in snowy conditions, the need to be cautious cannot be overstated. Unlike any other time, driving in snow comes with unique challenges that can lead to serious accidents. Road safety experts recommend that whenever possible, you should wait until the weather becomes conducive for you to hit the road. Nonetheless, if you must drive, be sure to adhere to the following tips to avoid a car accident.

Fit Your Car With Correct Tires

The amount of traction your tires provide could go a long way in preventing an accident during winter. Thus, be sure to fit your car with tires meant for use in snowy conditions. Usually, winter tires have a snowflake on the mountain symbol. Avoid high performance or all season tires because they may not offer adequate traction on the snow.

Work on Visibility

During winter, visibility is poor. When the weather is severe, visibility can be near zero. To ensure that you see what’s going on the road, ensure that your vehicle’s wipers are working properly. If the blades are worn out, consider replacing them. Before you set out to drive in snow, make sure that you wash all the windows, both on the inside and the outside. The washer system needs to be filled with high-quality anti-icing fluid as well. While you’re at it, apply a water shedding product on the windscreen to help keep away the snow while driving.

Clean the Headlights

Other drivers need to see you approaching, so your auto’s headlight should be functioning properly and free of snow. Check the indicators and the brake lights to ensure that they are in good working condition. Also, wipe all the snow that may be on the lights before getting on the road. Doing so will not only lessen the risk of an accident but also improve your visibility.

Be Cautious When Approaching Black Ice

Never ignore black ice when you’re driving in snowy conditions. It is advisable that you stop and inspect the road whenever it appear slick or drive at extremely slow speed. Keep in mind that you’re most likely going to encounter black ice on areas such as overpasses and bridges.

Be Equipped With the Right Tools

If you get stuck in a snowy road, having the right tools in your car could come in handy. Remember that you car can remain stalled in the snow for long so you need to be prepared. Always carry the following tools in your car during winter:

• A pair of jumper cables
• A first aid kit
• Winter clothing and other items such as a blanket and a flashlight
• A fully charged mobile phone with an extra battery and charger
• Flares
• Additional car batteries
• A shovel
• Food portions and dried fruits
• An ice scraper
• Drinking water
• A tire sealant, matches, and candles
• Plastic grocery bags

You may never predict when accidents will happen. When they do, you chances of survival depend on how well you are prepared. If you’re involved in a car crash caused by a reckless driver in snowy conditions, an accident lawyer will help you file for damages and most importantly pursue compensation on your behalf. Contact a car accident attorney as soon as you can after an accident because it increases your odds of getting compensation equal to the damages caused by the crash.