Does a “Beware of Dog” Sign Legally Protect The Dog Owner?

Most dog breeds are known to have a vicious propensity naturally, yet the law would find you liable if your dog bites someone. But, what can you do to make sure that anyone one who comes close to the dog knows that he or she risks being bitten or injured? If anything, you’d want to protect yourself from legal suits that can arise as a result of your dog’s aggressive behavior.  That said can hanging “Beware of Dog” sign shield you from the dog bite lawsuits? A dog injury lawyer explains.

Sign May Be an Indicator That You’re Aware of Dogs Vicious Propensities

In some states for a litigious guest, passerby or trespasser to sue you successfully for dog bites, or she must prove that you were aware or had a reason to be mindful of the fact that your dog has vicious and aggressive characteristics. In other states, you are strictly responsible for the injuries and damage caused by your dog despite the “beware of dog” sign.  In areas where dog bite laws are lax, the complainant can use the warning sign to argue that were aware of your dog’s ferocious propensities. While the presence of “beware of dog” sign may or may not suggest your awareness of the dog’s brutality, it may be used as evidence against you if there have been previous bites or complaints that were brought to your attention.


Sign May Imply the Victim “Ignored the Risk”

Although a plaintiff can use the “beware of dog” sign against you, its sheer presence can work in your favor. You can show that the victim, despite being duly warned assumed the risk and got closer to the dog resulting in his or her injury. Even in areas where the laws on animal bites strictly place the blame of the owner, assumption of the existing risk by the victim can be successfully used as a defense.  It can be argued that although the owner of the dog is legally responsible for the bites and injuries caused by the animal, he or she is equally responsible for issuing warnings about the dog’s vicious propensity to potential victims. Thus, anybody who sees the “beware of dog” and chooses to ignore the possible risk and gets closer to the animal can be said to have acted in a reckless manner.

Getting Legal Help Following a Dog Bite

Animal bites laws vary from state to the other, thus, to successfully sue a dog owner for bites and injuries, you need to know what the law states in your area. Also, the fact the owner can use “beware of dog” in his or her defense means that victims have to build a strong case.  If you, someone you know, or a close relative has sustained injuries as a result of dog bites, you can be compensated for damages. Contact a dog injury lawyer in your area as soon as you can to get professional advice on what the law states about animal bites in your area. While you’re at it, the attorney will explore your options for seeking compensation. Taking care of dog bites victims can be expensive, thus monetary compensation would certainly ease the burden.